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Committed To Diversity

“”There are so many things to love about Denver: the beautiful scenery, all the great restaurants, the work-life balance, and the ease and accessibility compared to other large cities – just to name a few!

Jesse Tang, Year Zero Principal at Schmitt Elementary

In August 2015, Mayor Michael Hancock, launched a citywide partnership with leadership at Denver Public Schools, a host of charter schools and community organizations to make the statement: Denver has prioritized diversifying our educator workforce. We are committed to addressing the inequities in our system. Hiring and retaining more educators of color are both key to the overall strategy.

Why Diversity Matters

Having a diverse educator workforce supports a school’s responsiveness to the diversity of its students and families. Yet, while only 75% of our student population are students of color, only 25% of our teachers are educators of color in Denver Public Schools.  Simply put, far too many of our children will never have teachers who look like them. 


An Organizational Asset

Research shows that students benefit from being taught by teachers with similar life experiences who help create a positive learning environment and leave a profound impact on student success.

Having teachers who more accurately reflect the population of their classrooms results in a number of benefits to students and the school community, including culturally responsive instruction and higher student expectations. These teachers can also serve as cultural mediators and advocates, helping to counter negative stereotypes and strengthening a district’s human capital.

In Pursuit of Equity

The Make Your Mark partners are engaged in diversity, inclusion and equity efforts in their individual organizations, and are also excited to support this collective effort. Our task force and our steering committee  each meet monthly.


The Mayor’s Office of Children’s Affairs, Denver Public Schools, STRIVE Prep, Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST), Roots Elementary, GALS, University Prep, Teach for America, City Year, Urban League of Denver, and a host of community organizations are proud to collaborate on the shared mission of Make Your Mark.​