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Make Your Mark Denver wants to serve as a resource for your transition both personally and professionally. Because our city is rapidly growing and attracting many young professionals, both the housing and rental markets are competitive. MYM is involved with efforts to expand affordable home buying and renting options for educators. We are exploring some creative short-term solutions, as well as building long-term capacity. More resources will be provided on this website once they are underway. In the interim, below are some current assistance programs for consideration:

HUD – Good Neighbor Next Door 

  • If you are a full-time pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teacher you may be eligible. 
  • The Good Neighbor Next Door Program offers HUD owned single family (one-unit) homes to eligible participants at a 50% discount. 
  • In return you must commit to live in the property for 36 months as your sole residence.
  • The public or private school where you are employed as a teacher must serve students from the area where the home you are purchasing is located in the normal course of business.
  • The FHA 203(k) mortgage program helps homebuyers buy a home and have enough money to rehabilitate or repair it.  Repairs must cost more than $5,000. The cost of the repairs and the mortgage are combined into a single monthly payment.  Consider FHA’s 203(b) program if needed repairs are under $5,000.

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Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus Program

  • The Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus Program is a special grant program for low and moderate income individuals and families that seeks to bring the dream of home ownership within reach.
  • As you apply for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, we help with down payment and closing cost assistance of up to 4% of your loan.
  • Income needs to be less than $91,100 for households of two or fewer persons (and less than $103,000 for three or more).

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Denver’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

  • Denver’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires that new for-sale developments over 30 units set aside 10% of the units as affordable to families earning less than $44,750 for an individual and $63,900 for a family of four.
  • Information on available units can be found at Colorado Housing Search or through the Office of Economic Development, where interested buyers can also fill out a Pre-Qualification Application.
  • Interested buyers are required to take a homeownership counseling course and will need to obtain private financing to purchase the affordable unit. 

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Affordable Rental Units

  • Colorado Housing Search offers online information about available income restricted rental units, including contact information for property managers. 
  • Units are listed for Denver but also other municipalities throughout the Metro Area and Colorado. 
  • Each property manager or owner can require certain income, credit, criminal history, etc. information in order to determine eligibility to rent a unit.  This may depend on the funding sources that were used to develop the property or it may be at the discretion of the property owner. 

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Oakwood Home Buyers Club

In a perfect world, past financial problems wouldn’t stand in the way of buying a home.  In the real world, they do so all too often.  Helping home dreamers correct these problems so they can become homeowners is the reason Oakwood Homes created the Home Buyers Club (HBC) in 1996.  

This free program was the first of its kind in the metropolitan Denver area, and it continues to be one of the most successful.  Every year, hundreds of HBC members clear the path to purchase homes they love.  And they usually do so in a matter of months.  

Call 303.486.8655 and ask to be connected a Dream Makers. All fulltime Denver Public Schools employees get $1,000 toward options that can be used with a Realtor and/or in conjunction with other promotions.